Greetings, friends, and welcome to the Retro Referee website.

My name is Peter Skerritt, and I am the Retro Referee. If my name sounds familiar, that’s because I’ve been writing and talking about video games for years. I have most recently been working on my Consoleation series of videos on YouTube, as well as writing articles for the great Retroware website from time to time.

Video games are my passion, but sports video games have always held an extra special place within that passion– and now, I feel that the time has finally come to trot that passion onto the field to share with all of you.

This website will revolve around sports video games from years gone by. I’ll be writing about them, sharing photos (and even some video) of them, and saluting the games that many players– and video game collectors– have left behind. NBA Jam and Tecmo Super Bowl will get their time in the spotlight, but so will many other games that players may have forgotten about or overlooked. Do you remember the Irem Skins Game for the SNES? How about MLB Pennant Race for the original PlayStation? Or how about Bad News Baseball for the NES? All of these games, and many more, represent what the Retro Referee project is all about.

Since I began putting together my library of retro video games back in 2012, collecting retro sports games has a focus of mine. Employees at video game stores always ask me the same thing: “Why do you keep buying old sports games?” This website, which I’ve been brainstorming for nearly four years, is why. I have dozens of games to play and to write about, and there’s no shortage of potential content.

While sports video games will be the main focus here at the Retro Referee website, there be will be other stuff to check out here as well. Observations about and suggestions for collecting classic video games and systems will be found here. Links to my other work will be found here from time to time. I may also roll out some other miscellaneous pieces in the coming months.

Retro Referee is still in pre-game mode, until the Spring semester of classes ends for me. There will be some content early on, but things will ramp up more once school ends. For now, be sure to bookmark this new website– as well as checking out the Retro Referee on Twitter and on Facebook.

So, take your seats, grab some popcorn, and get ready… because the game will begin soon.