Greetings, everybody!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have checked out the site in the latter half of July. It’s been good to have some time (and some content ideas) to get some writing in, and I’m hoping to have a bit more time in August. Over the last couple of days, I wrote and published this piece about EASN— the Electronic Arts Sports Network– over the weekend, and put the finishing touches on another piece, which is scheduled to publish on Monday afternoon (August 1st).


The EASN piece is the first in a series that I’m calling In The Booth, and the series will focus largely on presentation values in sports video games. While most people (understandably) are most concerned with how a game looks and plays, I’ve had a fascination with how the game is presented. I am interested in stat overlays, commentary, graphics packages, and a presentation style that’s close to what I watch on television. I have some ideas lined up already for the next two or three installments of In The Booth, and I hope that at least some of you will enjoy reading them.

The piece that’s going up on August 1st will launch another new series, called 1st and 10. These are lists– in random order– of my favorite games that are bound by a certain theme or topic. The first 1st and 10 will be on arcade sports games, which are easily my favorite games. I had a lot of potential games to choose from, and I could only pick 10. (Hence the “10” in “1st and 10”.) Lists are fun to do, and there are plenty of potential topics. I already have the next three topics in my head, so I am pretty confident that this series will pick up steam.


Another piece that I’m working on is a Scouting Report on Frank Thomas Big Hurt Pinball, which recently released within the Pinball Arcade application for iOS, Android, and Steam. I’m a huge pinball fan, so it’s pretty much a dream scenario to play a pinball table that revolves around sports. I’ve been capturing some photos from my iPad which are pretty clean, and after a few more playing sessions, I should have enough experience to get some words typed out about it.

Aside from that, I do have some things that I’d like to cover if time allows in August. The NFL Preseason will be underway, and with Madden NFL 17 coming out on August 23rd… I’m hoping to do some Scouting Reports or After Further Review pieces on some of the pigskin games in the Retro Library. Football will probably be a pretty consistent theme for August and into early September, leading up to the NFL’s opening weekend.


Some have been asking about my YouTube channel, and where the new videos are. While I want to do some more videos, the weather has not been cooperating. More than half of the month of July saw temperatures in the 90s, including 8 of the last 10 days, as of this writing. It’s impossible to film with my air conditioner and fan making a racket. That said, I did power down the cooling equipment for a special thing that I shot for a friend of mine– and, yes, I’ll link you to it when it goes live. When things cool down, I will be back in front of the iPad to shoot some new stuff. I miss doing it.

Finally, I want to start talking about RetroWorld Expo 2016, which is going to be happening on October 15th and 16th in Wallingford, Connecticut. Last year was the first RetroWorld Expo show, and I had an absolute blast. That was only one day, though– this year is a two-day extravaganza. The guest list for this year is already filling up nicely (I’m psyched to finally meet Pat the NES Punk!), and there’s going to be a nice selection of exhibitors selling great retro games and consoles. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, you’ve still got time… but it’s always nice to buy early and start saving money to take with you on the trip. I’ll be at the Retroware booth once again this year, so I really hope to meet some of you.


That’s all I’ve got for now. Be sure to check back on August 1st for the premiere of 1st and 10!


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