Convention Announcement: RetroWorld Expo 2016

RetroWorld Expo is a convention that revolves primarily around retro video games. It features guests and panels, arcade and console games to play, musical acts, vendors and shops selling video games, and more. This year’s event takes place over two days, October 15th and 16th, at the Toyota Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, CT.

Last year marked the debut of the event, and it was an absolute blast. I got to meet a lot of awesome people, I sold my loose NES instruction manuals, and I managed to buy some games for my collection that I really wanted. Sitting on the Retroware panel was a dream come true, and getting to meet YouTube personalities who inspired me to get in front of the camera myself every so often was unforgettable.

I’m very proud to once again be part of the team representing Retroware at RetroWorld Expo 2016. Our panel is just one of thirteen that have been scheduled across the two days of this year’s convention. Pat The NES Punk, John from Gamester 81, Daniel Pesina (of Mortal Kombat fame), and Josh Tsui (a video game industry veteran and former Midway employee who is putting together a fantastic documentary on Midway Games in the 1990s) will be joining returning guests, including The Game Chasers, The Gaming Historian, Pixel Dan, Eric “Goemon047” Lappe, Banjo Guy Ollie, James “Epic Game Music” Ronald, and a cast of others.

While at the Retroware booth, I’ll be selling some video games from my collection as well as a variety of NES, Super NES, SEGA Genesis, and Nintendo 64 instruction manuals. I’m hoping that the latter will help other collectors fill in missing pieces in their libraries. Since money is tight this year, I’m hoping to sell these items in order to buy some other things at the show. My fingers are crossed, since I’d really like to buy a Dreamcast and perhaps some of its sports games so that I can cover them here.

In addition, I’ll be giving away some loose sports video games to those who may want them. Unfortunately, older sports video games often get trashed or destroyed instead of played– and that’s a shame, since many of the games are still fun to play today (even if the rosters are outdated). One of the things that drove the Retro Referee idea was the desire to stimulate memories of and conversation about these sports games from years gone by. While I can write about them or talk about them on camera, another strong way to get people interested in them again is to put the games in their hands and let them play to remember.

Speaking of sports video games, NHL ’94 and NBA Jam tournaments will be going on during the first afternoon of the event. In addition, a WWF No Mercy tournament will be going on that evening. I’ll be stopping by the NHL ’94 tournament early on to scope out the competition. The Freeplay Arcade will have NFL Blitz 2000 and NBA Showtime available to play for fellow arcade sports game fans, and I’m counting on getting a couple of games of each in over the event’s two days. There’s also going to be a console gaming area to check out, though I’m not sure which games will be available to try.

I hope to see some of you at the show. The schedule is packed, there are more than 75 exhibitors to buy cool stuff from, and a ton of games to play. If you can’t make it, I’ll try to post some photos and maybe some video on my personal Twitter account, @PeteSkerritt.

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